Facebook? More like RACEbook!


Social media has enabled us to maintain connections with people we know located all over the world without much effort. That is what, for some reason, makes it worth staying “friends” with people on another continent, whom we met while traveling a third continent, who were annoying then and there are are annoying “here” (i.e. the internet) and now.

Take this almost-cryptic definitely-racist status post by an Australian-born-in-New-Zealand-lived-in-England-for-a-while:

God bless to all of those men and women how fought to keep Britain and allies free and to those who are doing so today. Im sorry to you all for the way our governments have ruined our countries u fought for by letting the countries you died protecting us from have more rights than your children n their children’s children. For that I am truely sorry. God bless x

She corrected that the “how” in the first sentence was supposed to be “who”, and two people “Liked” this. Thankfully I don’t know the people who “liked” this. Nor do I know what the fuck she’s talking about.

Countries have rights? Well, they have the right to govern themselves, I suppose. And the children “n” their children’s children, are they supposed to have the right to govern other countries? I don’t quite get this. Of which countries is she speaking? Germany, and its leadership in finding a solution to the Eurozone crisis? I think the lesson from the after-war trials was that the problem wasn’t Germans as much as it was Hitler and the Nazis. And I also don’t think this girl is informed enough to know what the fuck’s going on in that arena.

I know she’s being racist because she’s been racist about a lot of things…like how Australian aborigines, you know, live around her and look different and some of them don’t have all their shit in order just like any other human being. And immigrants, which nobody in her family has ever been. Oh wait…

I don’t even want to un-friend her. She gives me so much to get mad at.


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