Cat Person vs. Dog Person


What cats do to me.

I’m a dog person. I can definitively answer this question whenever I’m asked. Then, on occasion, the response is “Oh, you’re probably outgoing and extroverted then.” But I’m not, at least not in any way related to my preference of dogs. I just don’t like getting ripped apart by vicious claws and hatred for all humankind.

Or if a cat person asks me this question, some of them get offended and ask what I have against cats. They go on a tirade about how cute and friendly they are (and I’d show them my hand but they won’t stop talking about cats) and how they couldn’t live without a small feline creature jumping on ever piece of furniture they own.

But I prefer animals who, when they are on furniture, can and will serve as a pillow. I like the loyalty of dogs, and that they will enjoy it when you throw snow at their faces and demand more of it.

I will always be more forgiving of dogs, too, because I grew up with a terrible one that suckered me into still loving him at the end of the day. He bit me in my upper arm when I was five and he was still a pup, leaving a scar you can still see. He bit chunks out of the window sill and carpeted stairs when another dog dared to walk on his street. He ripped apart any garbage bag he could get his teeth on and only really ever liked my mother. He lived a relatively long life, as only the good die young, with over a year of frequent incontinence towards the end. I was the usual resident, getting home from university before others got home from work, to clean that mess up.

He got away with a lot. The dogs I’ve encountered since then have mostly been much better behaved, so it’s hard for me to see anything bad in them. I will get a dog, when my housing situation allows for it, and it will be a big one who can double as a pillow both decorative and functional. I don’t know any cat capable of that, and I’d also like my furniture to remain unscratched. (Hair everywhere is not an issue for either species, as I leave a fair amount of it around myself.)

My dog will not double as a tool in meeting new people or starting conversations at neighbouring parks. That would strictly be an organic side effect. My dog will be enough of a social relationship to fulfill those needs. And I’d much prefer to bag the poop while out on walks and dispose of it in a public garbage. No cat litters are ever allowed in home, and – or so I hear – it takes a lot of love and devotion to toilet train those beasts.


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