There Are No Words


The potential to lose my speech is a very real thing for me. Without getting into the detail of why, I will clarify the difference between losing my speech and losing my voice. My vocal chords would still work. It would be a matter of forming the words I’d be thinking. I could vocalize but not verbalize. Make sense? Let’s carry on.

This. That is amazing research going on. It addresses precisely the problem that may afflict me in the future. That there are participants to conduct the study on, and enough to get solid data, helps establish the need, not just to explore the science for knowledge’s sake, but to apply it to building a practical solution.

The inability to speak is incredibly frustrating, especially for those like me who have so much to say. Only being able to say “Um, I’m…”, “Sorry” (I am Canadian after all), growl in frustration, and as Lindsay spelled it when I asked The Facebook how that could be done, go “phub-ub-ub-ub-ub” by strumming my lips while humming. Verbal communication is so fundamental to the average life that most take it for granted and think those who can’t speak are stupid. (This is more common among people who are stupid themselves.)

So I hope, if this happens to me, that there’s a prosthesis available to speak my thoughts. At the very least I could really use something that will say or me, when it inevitably arises, “I can fucking hear you, moron.”


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