Losing Touch with the Tube


TV used to be my thing. My sister’s pop culture medium was music; my brother’s was movies. I laid claim over TV. Now I’ve lost that.

My sister’s PVR is jam packed with all sorts of shows. Premium cable dramas, her favourite late night talk shows, food-based reality programming (we used to watch Top Chef and Come Dine With Me Canada together – and, I’m ashamed to admit, The Biggest Loser), and a few documentaries here and there. My brother, not having subscribed to TV in four years, acquaints himself with sci-fi and sitcoms through…unconventional means. I, like my brother, did not sign up for cable service when moving into my current residence because it was a much lower priority than, say, rent or electricity or food. Or coffee.

I’ve had a falling out with my beloved medium, in other words. The TV shows I’ve purchased on DVD are outdated – some by 30 to 40 years – and I only follow a few shows through ways outside my own TV. I don’t want TV to die, certainly not. If I did have the gall to pursue my highest dreams I would have created four different shows of my own by the age of 35, if everything went perfectly. (It wouldn’t, hence not pursuing this. That’s my excuse, at least.) Shows I love get canceled, most network TV is cliché crap, and I *GASP* don’t care for Dexter or Mad Men. I swear I’ll get around to Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire (the latter especially for themed party reasons). But my time is more limited now than when I last had access to cable, as are the funds to pay the bill. So how do I get around to it?

My passion for TV, kind of like my willingness to keep up with new music, suffered a drastic decline in the mid-aughts, probably in line with the cancellation of Arrested Development and/or the finale of the US (but secretly Canadian) Queer As Folk. My motivation for this needs a swift kick in the ass, probably from a current series with a season or two passed that I can first get into a few episodes at a time. There’s a special bonus if it’s at least partly Canadian…but not the kind of Canadian TV that’s become iconic over the past few years. Corner Gas, Little Mosque – those are reasons I’ve stopped trying.

So, recommendations?


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