Things to Celebrate on Leap Day



It’s a surprise we don’t celebrate Leap Day as an indulgent holiday, given that it can be justified as a rare occurrence of irresponsibly decadent behaviour. I suppose it’s already between Mardi Gras (most years) and St. Patrick’s Day, which are irresponsible enough, and those who acknowledge them obviously don’t restrict excessive drinking to every four years. (Hey, I have new justification for my terrible weekend of thinking I’m 20.)

I think of last week’s episode of 30 Rock with Leap Day being an actual holiday with a token folklore figure and all, that Liz Lemon was never aware of for some reason. Anything done on Leap Day is excusable because, as February 29th doesn’t occur most years, it’s like the day didn’t exist, and neither did the things that happened on it.

There are all sorts of things related to Leap Day that we can incorporate into the holiday. It can be used to celebrate the science of time-keeping that has led to this adjustment, and those historical figures who put the effort into the calculations that measured exactly how it should be done. It can be a day to be extra nice to the little guy, those often neglected in society because, like February, things were taken away from them in favour of all the Roman emperors who wanted their own month to have 31 days, dammit. Emily McCombs, editor of declared this to be Say Something Nice Day (which should really happen more often than every four years), which is in spirit of The Little Guy (or The Little Gal, let’s be at least equal if not even here) who never gets acknowledged for her (or his, although this is probably more applicable to women) proportional contribution.

We can celebrate people born on Leap Day, like Ann Lee, founder of the Shakers, or Jerry from Parks and Recreation. (Just kidding on that second one – nobody wants to celebrate Jerry.)

Contemplate what this day means, and think of all you want to accomplish before it comes back in 2016. Look back at what’s changed since 2008. And remind yourself, “Oh yeah, the Summer Olympics are this year.”


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