Where have the past 50 years gone?


We’ve had over 50 years of The Pill. It sparked revolutions in sexuality and women’s rights. As controversial as it was at the time, it’s become a standard tool in women making life choices.

No, wait, let me rephrase that – apparently it’s become a standard tool in making life choices for women. That’s worded more accurately, because in the minds of far more people than I care to know of (seriously, I’m already disturbed by the disproportionately loud voices on this issue – I can only stay sane by ignoring the cheers of the masses that have suddenly appeared behind them), it’s not the woman’s choice to make by herself, for herself. It’s up to her employer, and the principles of whoever founded her employer. And, if the frothy by-product of anal sex gets elected POTUS, it will be up to him and his skewed perception of the Christian god.

Thankfully this is not an issue in my home country. No, here we have enough problems with government being absolutely fucking ridiculous – you know, saying that if you value your own privacy you’re aiding pedophiles, or giving us calls to lie about where we can vote.

But nobody in the Western world of hyper-connectivity can escape hearing about the political issues of the United States. And most of us outside of its borders are wondering how the fuck people are still thinking as they are there.

The anti-evolution sentiment of their conservative religious crowd, and I’ve already rambled about my problems with them, is nothing really “new”. It’s been a debate since I became aware enough of things unrelated to cartoons and Barbies, and likely well before then. How loud the hyper-religious are shouting about this has lured in so many non-thinkers that there has been no progress in establishing a more scientifically informed public. Climate change has suffered along with it, as have other environmental matters and the space programs that were held up by investment in astronomy, physics, engineering, and math.

I’ve been shaking my head at anti-science for a long time now, but it hasn’t made me nearly as physically enraged as the social conservatism that is as anti-democratic as anything seen in this hemisphere since 1945. Ultra-right talking heads aren’t threatened by same-sex marriage – it provides them with an income from little effort, because the public can be duped into listening to their shows. While some people may have deep feelings regarding abortion as a concept, in practice without it there would be more poverty and unraveled wire hangers threatening the health of the desperate.

And then there’s birth control. The economic and social progress made since The Pill was approved by the FDA in 1960 is no coincidence. It has empowered women to choose their path in life. It has curbed excessive population growth. It has improved the lives of families – yes, FAMILIES – by allowing them to make conscious choices in their lives that increase the potential for achieving higher goals that benefit individual lives and society as a whole. Women can plan entire careers. Parents can support their children through higher education. Couples can wait until they are economically stable before they have children.

But MORE IMPORTANTLY – social conservatism is denying human dignity, which is a fundamental component to any stability and progress and harmony and function of any respectable society. Dignity lies within the individual. If a conservative person, or institution for that matter, thinks their own dignity is affected by the existence of reproductive or sexual rights, then they are lacking it to begin with. And so the primary social goal since the eye-opening atrocities of destruction and genocide in World War II is completely torn apart. It was never fully reached, not by a long shot, but it should always be something to strive for. Every human should have the right to respect themselves and make choices about their own person. These extreme social conservatives are not practising that right. They give themselves no respect by purposely becoming tyrants. There is no dignity in tyranny.


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