Let’s Get Wordy


Every writer has a style. An elaborately sophisticated vocabulary is doubtlessly essential to literati who seek to transcribe their loquacious internal dialogue into a concrete reality for the generality to absorb.

If that second sentence applies to you, I suggest you take the time to reflect on what life choices led you here.

When I do find the time and intellectual energy to sit down and write for the purpose of beauty over practical need, I occasionally take notice of personal quirks and patterns that create a distinct personality within the product of these sessions; while I’m guilty to a degree of the grandiloquence parodied above I tend to taper a well-written sentence off with a gradual return to motherfucking reality. Lately that style has been lacking in the stream of consciousness that runs through my fingers onto the keyboard, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s in part because I don’t type as fast as I did back when my future depended on it. With 5,000 word papers to write in an academic manner (read: filled with fancy words and sentences to take up more space), by the end of writing I would be so physically sick of intellectual jargon that I fantasized of the reality in which the concluding paragraph was nothing but a giant-font “FUCK.”

Beyond the verbosity itself, the content of much of what “needs” to be discussed in elaborate language is generally as much bullshit as the words invented to represent it. Empty ideas can’t be broken down into shorter sentences composed mostly of common words. The masses watch Real Housewives, I know, and I can understand how cerebral individuals interpret that as “they will never understand me”. But those cerebral individuals, who can’t see past what “normal” people choose to seek pleasure in, are stuck inside their own heads. The skill of putting new or challenging thoughts into the minds of many comes from accessibility. Those who express new ideas in clear, simple language come across as smarter than those who want to immerse everyone else in their polysyllabic blathering.

The people who can understand “sophisticated” use of English are also smart enough to pick apart the concepts it contains. You won’t impress anyone, or at least anyone who cares, if you turn your nose up at those who, by your prejudice, are “inferior”. Smart people see through bullshit. Remember that when you’re looking to improve the way you write – which, by the way, should be a constant goal for everybody, even if you have achieved the heights of a giant-font “FUCK.”


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