The Losses of Daylight Savings


I’m not a fan of Daylight Savings Time – at least not the initial transition of skipping ahead an hour so we get more evening sunlight.

For one thing, the time of year we now do that has gone so far back into the year that it cuts out a perfectly functional alight morning. The sun rising shortly before 7:00 a.m. is not an impractically early time. The jump forward that has it rising back around 8 is difficult to deal with, far more difficult than it was until a few years ago when the start of DST wasn’t until late April.

…which brings us to another issue: why is November – March called “standard time” and March – November called “savings time” when “standard” is half as long? We might as well shift time zones and call “standard” time something else – or, even better, just switch to the “savings” time zone year round because then maybe the sun will be up at some point when the majority of people are trapped inside during working hours. (But I’m somewhat against this, as it’s nice to be in a time zone halfway between Greenwich and the International Date Line.)

There are more car accidents, more heart attacks, and the vague concept that economists call “lost productivity” that may be ranted about in the future. Saskatchewan isn’t sensible about most things, but I think they’re up to something with this. They stay in Central Standard Time year-round, and we’re stuck trying to figure out when they are on par with Manitoba and when with Alberta. (That seems as irrelevant as Saskatchewan is to most people, but when you’re Canadian and work in a terrible, terrible government call centre it can prevent being screamed at early mornings and late nights.)

I may change my mind when the sun hasn’t risen when I tend to wake up briefly in the middle of the night – 3 or 4 – or when there’s still daylight to enjoy for an hour or two after the evening chores are responsibly completed. (Note: this does not guarantee evening chores are on a regular basis “responsibly completed”.) I had less against this switch when it went from April to October. It doesn’t save energy to move it back to start in March – as evidenced by how little energy I had today. (Or so I blame on all the clumsy things I forgot.)


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