Selfish Improvement


There are a few items of self-improvement I need to work on. Actually there are many – many, many many. The first sentence, though, was intended to lead into an abbreviated list of the following:

  1. stop talking (when unnecessary)
  2. don’t feel the need to justify choices to other people
  3. address shit head-on directly with the people it concerns
  4. don’t try to fix other people’s problems

These are all related, although I can’t quite put into words how except as “habits learned from my mother”. I could claim I don’t exhibit these as strongly but that would be a clear violation of the first and especially the second goals.

Because I know these habits are bad, and things like these are easier to see in other people than oneself, I have an urge to jump in and violate #4. In tandem with that is developing the skill to tone down that urge – to choose not to be bothered. Choices can be made to change the long-term reaction and the more practised that choice is the easier it should be to control the knee-jerk reflex and emotions manifested from it.

And being bothered by others when they exhibit this behaviour distracts from being bothered by my own. Self-awareness is pretty selfish in that regard, especially when done for the benefit of others. How egotistical of me to work on becoming less annoying.


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