Working Nine to Five…Thirty. 9 to 5:30. 17:30. Whatever.


Days can be slow in my job because I primarily wait on someone else to provide me with necessary information.

They also feel especially slow because I wish I were still in bed.

ImageSo this was my day. This is usually my day. First off, not quite thrilled to be there. (I’m no longer tired when I arrive at work because the exercise and cold swift wind of my walking commute remind me I’m alive.) Secondly, when the morning meets its end, getting tired again in spite of coffee consumed. (Also in spite of the coffee consumed – a nagging appetite.) Thirdly, by the middle of the afternoon, I’m frustrated for usually two reasons – things that need to be done and issues that need to be addressed because people don’t make any fucking sense most of the time, and there’s still over two hours left in my working day in spite of all the mental effort expended in the afternoon. (I would probably get less bothered by people thinking differently if happy hour were coming sooner.)

The walk home, weather permitting, again reenergizes me (not putting a hyphen in there; I want to slowly change its common pronunciation into “REE-ner-jy-zez”) and I’m enthusiastically looking forward to the evening hours that remain when I can either get or not get things done at my own will. This is probably the most boring, typical style of day. I don’t know what makes it worth writing about, except for this Post-It note doodle.

(Turning Post-It note doodles into cartoons has already been done, and very well, by Christiann MacAuley at


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