Ideas Lost in Thin Air


I’m curious, sometimes, of all the ideas that exist in people’s heads for however long, that never get put into action.

I’ll never know any of them spare a few from people with whom I’m acquainted, provided that they’re brave enough to share these ideas in casual conversation. That is, I’ll never know any of them aside from my own. I have had dozens of them over the past, say, 25 years, since I’ve been able to express things that come from my imagination. And what an imagination it’s been.

If nothing else, all of the stories and creative ideas that I’ve come up with entertain me. When I have the courage to open up and tell other people about them they seem at best merely polite in smiling and nodding to mask their lack of shit to give. I could take the leap into putting ideas to action but I’m secretly very timid and vulnerable to rejection.

I respect those who do shove themselves into the unknown territory of putting creative works “out there” in ways that do reach the public beyond the extent of their existing network. As much as I think I have something to contribute, a creative mind isn’t really the key to getting there. It’s the gall to jump in and sell yourself. No one really becomes known for what they create by accident.


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