Self-Loving Embrace


“I embrace and laugh at ‘disadvantageous’ things about myself because if I didn’t nobody would know that I’m capable of handling them.”

Such went a tweet today. A dramatic scene involving hot fire-medics and leaving work early on Wednesday led me to take yesterday off. Coming back today I knew I’d get some level of “omigod are you okay?” and I can only tolerate that with a muted level of worry. Of course I’m okay. This isn’t the first time. Or the last, probably, despite my best efforts. But I get to choose how I am, and why wouldn’t I choose to be okay?

Coinciding with other things presented me with a perfect opportunity. My birthday is now under a week away and I very specifically told my brother to get me one particular item. He phoned me last night and mentioned the package came in. Today is casual Friday. I needed him to deliver that present to me immediately.

This is what you get – a t-shirt that summarizes what I’ve had to accept over many, many years. My health isn’t something other people need to address. It’s my own, and I can approach it as I wish. The complex set of circumstances that make up my existence may not have given me perfect health, but it did put me in the time and place alongside this t-shirt. You gotta use what’s available to you, you know?

(Found at Topatoco by Anthony Clark of Nedroid Picture Gallery comics.)


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