Riding the Wave of Political Ridiculousness


Let’s rock the already unstable boat by creating another useless political issue. Let’s see if we can take ridiculous arguments up another level. Let’s create a controversy…about women’s right to pee standing up.

Women’s issues fought for long and hard over the past 50 years of feminism are being called into question again, by male politicians in the United States who, by declaring balanced centrist policies “socialism”, need to contrast themselves by being as unbalanced and “conservative” as possible (“conservative” in quotations because no political definitions make any sense anymore). This has brought back not only the never-fully-settled issue of abortion, but also anything involving women’s health – birth control, cancer screening, and any full and confidential disclosure between a woman and her doctor. Life now begins before conception in the state of Arizona, specifically immediately following the end of the woman’s last menstrual cycle before the actual conception. Seriously.

Health insurance shouldn’t subsidize oral contraceptives, because that is only and exactly subsidized promiscuity. Any place committed to women’s health should not receive any public funding and private donors should be blacklisted, because all women’s health programs kill babies. But the intrusion into women’s bodies doesn’t need to be limited to health. We can expand it to basic bodily functions of womanly parts.

For women fond of the outdoors – camping, hiking, climbing, and so on – there are products available to make bodily relief cleaner and easier. Funnels, essentially, can help ensure that the direction of urination is controlled when there is toilet to sit on and squatting is impractical. This is an outright violation of the way women’s bodies and human life as a whole were (intelligently?) designed! Women were not intended to participate in these things; it is why they are weaker as well as why they lack natural external body parts to maneuver their urethras (urethrae?). It is an insult to the Christian values of the American family to allow synthetic devices to be bought and sold by women with the sole intent of violating nature. We must put an end to such a sinful product!

Something has to push this crazy train over the cliff.


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