What Matters and When to Scream


I’m very lucky, for the most part. I’ve come across opportunities by chance that have made me happier than I would have been without them. I’m very grateful for these, I really am.

But I’ve been dealt a bad hand in other respects. I’m dealing with them pretty well, I think. I take responsibility for the attitude I shape around them, as with everything in life, and from that I’ve turned out happier.

And then there are the everyday inconveniences. It’s been written about before when they come in streaks. Without perspective on the general privilege and good fortune of our lives, we scream WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME.  And in the moments of self-absorb we neglect to consider that these things probably happen to everyone else, not at the same time, but on those days that we only see as “normal” even though they’re pretty damn good.

When it starts lightly drizzling on you as soon as you leave for work, consider the few days prior when heavy rainfall came minutes before some people’s shifts ended but stopped before yours did half an hour later. When your doctor’s appointment gets canceled because there’s a gas leak in the building, don’t think you’re being deprived of basic medical care. Only cause a stink about things when you call to reschedule that appointment (for which you waited three weeks and a whole lotta milka has happened since) and they want to schedule it two weeks in the future because it can’t be THAT important.


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