I have a job. Can you tell that I have a job? You can probably tell that I have a job.


To paraphrase John Lennon, life is what happens when you’re waiting for other people to make their own motherfucking plans.

Perhaps I’m the one going about this wrong, and I should be jumping in to do everything for everyone else – but I’m not concerned with impressing people with an almost nauseating work ethic. Maybe I’m just as guilty in inactivity by waiting on others rather than taking liberty in doing things as I say they should be. I’m disconnected from the centre of the matter – is it wrong for me to leave the ball in someone else’s court?

A valuable skill I’m trying to develop is removing any blame when anything that went wrong is genuinely not on my part. It’s the other side of the coin of shouting accusations at others when something goes wrong. Want to see a cool trick and have the coin land on its side? Focus strictly on the problem’s solution rather than its cause.


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