Pride for the Shameful


Over the weekend I attended the Pride Parade. It’s like Christmas to me – colours everywhere, creative costumes, happy people, and plenty, plenty of dogs. As I wrote last week I invited myself into this celebration despite my overall heterosexuality, because everybody deserves to be who they are and love whom they love, and I think the entire community should feel welcome as long as they support this notion.

As for religious wingnuts who say otherwise? For the past two years, it has been raining slightly the morning of the Pride Parade, but once noon comes around and the procession starts the rain has stopped and the clouds have parted. So if there is a god as these people believe, why has He shown meteorological support for this parade two years in a row? I’ve been attending this parade for seven years now, and not once has it been rained out or, more or less, even rained on.

A variety of sexual preferences, for better or for worse.

But I admit that even I have reservations about accepting certain sexualities. It’s not just gay and lesbian and bisexual and transgendered and two-spirited people who partake, but there have also been floats celebrating the BDSM community – which I think is fully appropriate for the event, for both the overlap and the principle of acceptance. But lately there have also been groups in costume (well, there are always people at this parade in costume) – animal costumes, celebrating the role-playing sexuality commonly dubbed as “Furries”. My initial reaction is that this is ridiculous, but I have to accept that they have a place in this parade. There are a plethora of fetishes and fantasies that incorporate costumes and role-playing. As much as my immature side wants to crack jokes at a sexual lifestyle I just don’t understand, that’s something I need to change. For me to start a crusade against this fetish that’s almost entirely inconsequential to my own life, I would first have to share this fetish secretly. Vehement protest against things like this can only come from denial and inward hatred for one sharing it.


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