Lead In to a Revolution Part II


Last Episode, on Khristopia: The Conservative government of Canada is fucking us and the world over though an abuse of power.

The issue that is held close to the heart of the people of my city and province is funding fresh water research. Manitoba is an abundance of lakes. It used to entirely be a lake, and the tens of thousands of today’s are the grandchildren of Lake Agassiz. Fresh water is absolutely essential to life, and it’s being ruined with no thought for the future. Researching fresh water is key to preserving it, and also coming across an abundance of new species of plants and animals that may not only enrich the minds of society through scientific knowledge, but also provide new sources of natural treatments for diseases not yet conquered.

Over the weekend at a family party, I was talking to relatives about outrage over this particular issue in the Conservative omnibus bill. A cousin, who was out in the field at both the time of this party and the time of the passing of the bill, is a graduate student in fresh water biology and there are of course major implications for his future in this drastic move. Another friend of mine just finished her bachelor’s degree in this field and now worries about her future job prospects. This is undoubtedly an incredibly important field: the entire world depends on fresh water to drink, and it is a minimal portion of the water on this earth overall. It faces severe threats of pollution and shrinking lakes and rivers amid accelerating climate change. Canada is one of if not the leading sources of fresh water in the world. Research of it is fundamental to the survival of the growing human population.

So at a party this past weekend, talking to relatives about this matter, they were all outraged at this issue and intensely dissatisfied with the government. These weren’t young radicals of my generation either – they were all 60 and over, defying the statement commonly (mis)attributed to Winston Churchill that anybody not liberal at 20 is a cynic and anyone at 60 is naïve. (That in itself is a paraphrasing, and in many versions the elder age is put at 40. These days 40 year olds still think they’re young, though, so it needs to be updated to accommodate extended life expectancy and Gen X’s refusal to give up their youth. But I digress.) Not only that, all three of the relatives went to law school, and two of them have been practising law for, at this point, the majority of their lifetimes. They are educated; they are experienced; they are enraged. And apparently, after a couple drinks and impassioned conversation, they expect me to run for office and start a revolution. That may come in time, but I can’t run for the NDP in my own constituency because the Biggest Badass on Parliament Hill is already representing us. If I move back to my community of upbringing, maybe I can depose the deadbeat MP that doesn’t give a fuck about her citizens or her country. Her face on all the bus benches she’s paid for advertising are all likely to be vandalized, if they haven’t been already.

This government is the first Conservative majority (i.e. the first time they had to get away with this bullshit) after two elections that kept them as a leading party, but with less than half of the seats. That was a big mistake by Canadian voters (or a scam by the Conservative party, whatever) that I don’t think will ever be made again as long as Stephen Harper is the leader. Unfortunately we have to wait until 2015. Canadians may need to be pushed into drastic action to make that change sooner.


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