On the Subject of the Objective


Science is a social construct. The facts and evidence it comes up with is as close to objective reality and truth we can get, but because we can only perceive and measure these things through alphanumeric language we are never as close to understanding things as those trapped in the bubble of science = absolute truth believe we are.

I’m not dismissing science. It’s fascinating and we need to keep digging for more knowledge. Since proven science is tested and replicable with elaborate deconstruction it is as real as we can get. But the language used to explain things is limited and biased towards the society we have to communicate within. This is not just country by country, language by language, but worldwide.

It would be great if we had another isolated society that has developed its own science to cross reference, but our world has never been a closed system so we can’t rely on our own species, our own planet. If we come across advanced civilization elsewhere in the universe, science may be the best way to learn their language – to see what evidence they have found and what conclusions they came to.

The divisions of the sciences are far from absolute. There are numerous overlapping territories between astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, and physics, which are taught in school as being the five scientific fields. These fields were socially constructed and assigned names based on ancient languages, which themselves evolved across cultural lines. We don’t pick these things out of a realm of truth – we bring upon our existing knowledge and understanding and build with what we have. Social climates and linguistic capacity are intricately involved in the development of science and we must always remain conscious of the limits of human thinking and reasoning – or else we have far less to aim beyond.

Theorizing, such as that of the Higgs boson, requires social structures compatible with the concepts and open to change. Never dismiss the humanities and social sciences as irrelevant to advancement of knowledge.


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