Shrinking Utility


As written about last week, I now have a computer that can fit (somewhat awkwardly, depending on the pants) in my pocket. With a smart phone I can do almost anything I can do on my six year old desktop and three year old laptop, although the battery draining deters me from actually trying. I can leave my phone plugged in when charging to ensure it doesn’t get drained of all power in five minutes, but a) the charger cord is very short, and b) the screen is very small. It is point b) that creates a challenge for me over the next two weeks.

I’m updating this from my phone. It presents a challenge with the limited screen size mentioned above, and the minimalism of the WordPress app. There are games I have on my computers that I don’t have my phone that I like to play when there’s time to pass. There are a number of things I take for granted with laptops and desktops that can’t quite be done on a phone. And for the next two weeks, I have opted not to have any of my computers with me.

First, I’m house-sitting. I will be back and forth between my own home and someone else’s, but I won’t invest the time at my own place to turn on one of my computers and relax for a couple hours at a time. Second, I’m traveling after that. It’s only for a few days and within the country, so I can still use my phone for internet purposes without extra charges on my data plan, but if I plan on still using the internet as a communication tool, will that be enough to accomplish what I want?

It’s a test, somewhat, as to the sustainability of a phone-only future. I’m not a fan of the idea because I find there’s an art to typing on a standard keyboard. Tweaking things in the appearance of a website can’t be reasonably done on a phone alone. A phone-only future doesn’t seem plausible from the present perspective, but I’ll get a taste of it when I’m staying away from the other computers I own. Whether I write here or not in the next two weeks is one way to gauge how adaptable my hobbies and interests are to the functions of a phone.

It’s certainly not taking over the entirety of my camera functions. Hell, from time to time I still use film, much like how I get quixotic about paper.


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