Tips to Reduce Your Credibility


I am a judgmental snob when I can get away with it. In principle, live and let live and encourage people to pursue their own happiness and fulfillment.

But on the other hand, as a public professional, get a smarter eye to proofread your work before sending it out to the world.

I’m going to leave alone the annoying e-mails people forward to their coworkers with inspirational advice on how to be more productive or achieve your potential. What’s more mockable is that the specific example of this I’m thinking of is “15ProductiveTips.pdf” that made its way to my work’s e-mail circuit all the way from Scott Heath at FOX 5 San Diego. I can’t take it seriously when the first sentence of the first tip starts “Keep a pile of purchase orders you much sign…”

That mistake is repeated later in the sentence with yet another gaffe: “mail you much open yon your desk”. I couldn’t get through most of the others because not only did the credibility go way down, but to begin with it’s a cheesy motivation attempt that generalizes all people having similar jobs with similar tasks. There is also an obsession with everything taking 10 minutes.

It’s finally sinking in for me. I work in an office.


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