Failing to Look on the Bright Side of Life


American values, the traditional wholesome ones, are wrought with futility.

The politics behind recent anti-birth control protests and thinking heterosexual marriage is still a sacred practice aside, they bleeped out Eric Idle in yesterday’s London 2012 closing ceremonies (which, unlike the opening ceremonies I half-assedly watched) when singing the line “Life’s a piece of shit when you look at it” from Always Look On the Bright Side of Life. The song rhymes. Everyone knows which words “need” to be bleeped. The rest of the world laughs at Americans for things like this.

What also amuses me is, which I primarily see on The Daily Show, that the word “asshole” can’t be said in full…so they bleep out the “hole” part. Get a hint, FCC.

Maybe if Obama gets reelected he can do as he pleases and change these regulations. But maybe if Romney gets elected, coffee mugs will have to be blurred out on television or come with a viewer advisory.

The Americans has no problem with the sexual aspects of the ceremony. Isn’t that where their puritan heritage lies? Today they’ll complain more that Sporty Spice was wearing a one-piece pantsuit and didn’t show any thigh.

Sexual content, though, is still more scandalous than violence. I think they should turn the one-eyed pyramid on their dollar bills upside down to reflect their priorities in social morality and taboos.


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