Getting Into the Groove of Crashing Into Lamp Posts


I think it’s about time I grow up and get a bicycle.

I haven’t had a bike that was properly “mine” since I was smaller than I am now. I don’t mean thinner, because my current girth is probably the same as it was 20 years ago, but it must be pre-growth spurt, which was…at least 18 years ago. In any case – I don’t have a bike.

I don’t have a car either, but there are very valid reasons for that and very valid reasons for me not ever getting a car. I have good walking shoes and, on occasion, take the bus begrudgingly with my distrust in the transit authority.

My life and the lives of others around me are shifting in both spatial and non-spatial ways, and the spatial part makes the on-foot philosophy impractical in certain realms. I need to accept a place two hours of walking away is not somewhere worth walking to. In most cases I could take the bus, with actually little inconvenience in the changes so far, but to avoid spending the fare, and Sticking It to the Man, I want a spiteful alternative.

That’s why I should get a bike. In a city not designed for cycling, though, it’s not a perfect solution. And as a person who has not normally cycled for this many years, I can’t rely on myself to use the bike for extensive purposes right away. There’s an internal debate of principles between taking the sidewalk and taking the road, and I need to reconcile what irritates me as a pedestrian with what would be easiest for me as a cyclist.

This is why it is a maturity process to get a bicycle. It’s not the financial purchase, or being responsible for an item of utility or value, but coming to terms with personal struggle and responsibility. It’s not going to be easy.


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