Socks and Holes and Professional Conduct


I bought a travel sewing kit a few weeks ago so I can at any time mend my socks. I did so at work today, because as we all know I don’t wear shoes there, and it would be very unbecoming of me to walk around with holes by the toes.

For some absurd reason the sewing kit came with a dozen plus thread colurs, but no black. My socks are black. So I went with the obvious choice, the furthest-from-black thread I had: light pink.

It really doesn’t matter. People pay enough attention to know I don’t wear shoes (a guy from IT was surprised to see otherwise earlier this week) but they won’t pay enough attention to see rose thread keeping black cotton together. If they do notice, they shouldn’t have an issue. It’s no less “professional” than not wearing shoes to begin with, and I haven’t been taken into anyone’s office for a verbal warning about that.

That I sewed these socks at my desk may have been a bigger concern, but the only person who could see it has an understanding with me because we’re always needing to adjust our clothing. The world was not designed for us, and irrespective of that, holes happen to even the best of socks.


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