Don’t Feed the Pedophiles


There’s a by-election going on in a riding for the provincial government to replace the disgraced leader of the losing Conservative party who stepped down from leadership and politics as a whole. It’s a consistently conservative, wealthy and the worst kind of suburban, and the candidate running in the Conservative party to replace this man is wealthy and buddy-buddy with powerful people.

It’s almost no question that he will win, but he’s not running without opposition. There are five candidates as a whole; on top of this man there’s the federally mainstream but provincially laughable Liberal party, the ruling New Democratic Party, the naively hopeful Green Party, and one independent.

That independent, known locally as “Mr Jetz TV” after his YouTube channel, is out on bail facing numerous sex offender charges, including child pornography and pimping underage prostitutes. I shit you not.

I don’t think his candidacy should be outlawed based on being on bail for outstanding charges, as people are innocent until proven guilty and banning this kind of candidacy can and will be used for repression of dissent in corrupt governments. I won’t even question the people who signed the petition for him to run; it may have been in the name of believing candidates of any position should be permitted in elections so the popular vote can decide. I will, however, pay attention to his vote tally, and consider that a count of sick, sick people, whether they voted in jest or not.

To describe this as “don’t feed the animals” is an insult to other living creatures who have done no harm.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Feed the Pedophiles

  1. Ben

    “Naively Hopeful” is basically the green party platform everywhere, with varying degrees of selling out to “political realities” (cynical compromise). Being buddy-buddy with wealth and material power seems to be the primary qualification for conservatives. I think they get merit badges for each wealthy industrialist they schmooze. Independents have to be a bit colourful to get any attention… but that one sounds like he’s getting attention for the wrongest reasons. All in all, a typically sad election it seems. Which is why they never put “No Confidence in any candidate” on the ballots. (or do they, there?)

    • I suppose you could write it in. This is the suburb of suburbia, but I can tell you that a total of one person has called and asked for a Green Party candidate sign on their lawn. I can tell you that because Dirk is the contact for such matters.

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