When I Write Bad, I Write Good


Grammar and spelling and style all matter to me. The proper use of them is declining as more informal communication is written or typed than ever before, turning the printed word into a casually-getting-the-point-across horror story for the properly literate.

Remember in the earlier days of the internet when people in chat rooms or writing e-mails would USE ALL CAPS JUST BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO AND NOT BECAUSE THEY WERE YELLING ABOUT EVERYTHING? They’re still around, of course, and they’ll never go away. Their thoughts don’t seem coherent because of the yelling and because they (usually) don’t punctuate in any stylistic manner, so it’s nearly impossible to interpret tone and subtextual meaning.

I’ve picked up on this habit in the name of facetiousness. I wouldn’t go so far as claiming it’s satire, because I’m not putting on a complete character to mock these bastardizing bastards. I am, however, being a snob and an asshole about it, and I’m having fun.

I feel the need to write about this to ensure that those not in on the joke, or those who don’t know me well enough to pick up on my intentions, don’t see my use of all-caps and zero-punctuation as a decline in my writing skills or giving up on the language that matters dearly to me. Twitter imposes some restrictions with the character limit, but I adapt as well as I can without linguistic sacrifice. What’s also key to the context of stupid things I tweet is that Twitter in itself is not meant for serious dialogue. At its best it’s a series of thoughts that put together may mean something. The next best step is links to elaborations on matters through blogs or news stories. At the very worst it’s poorly and improperly written ignorance and hatred towards others, and hovering around that lowest of the low are things like all caps, shortened words, and One Direction. In the middle, though, there’s the interactive element, with people I know and I want to kid around with for a good time. That’s why I write tweets in such a terrible way sometimes. Please, I invite you to be entertained.


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