Writing: Part of a Balanced Breakfast


I have quite a bit going on in the next little while. I’ve been studying for a professional certification exam that I write on Saturday. I’m balancing that with my artistic calculations hobby to keep my mind sane if not sharp. I have my job – naturally this is a busier time leading up to this critical testing – and a light load of informal committee meetings. I’ve held off playing on the curling team until next week, and I’m procrastinating other tasks and projects until I know I have the time. I have social events I’ve committed to, and major favours needed by family and friends. I have errands to run and overdue hanging out/catching up with people to merely maintain social relationships. I’ve promised others I’ll watch previous seasons of their favourite TV shows, and I have my own list of series to catch up on now that I have Netflix. And I desperately need to devote some time to beer and pub food.

But amidst all that’s required of me now, and amidst all that will be required of me after, I am going to keep writing. Remind me to keep writing. Remind me to keep writing and making other art, whether I’m good at it or not. As rational and logical as I need to be for some things, and as interpersonal as I should be over the next short while, I can’t ignore the creative hunger. I consider myself a balanced person in skills and interests, and part of being balanced is acknowledging the skews of artistic expression just as much as maintaining a budget and a calendar. What’s also important to me is the idleness and devoting time to not getting things done, which shaves time off of home maintenance and finishing all the books I have piled up to read. Transportation time is extended from not driving and insisting on walking everywhere, and I’m too stubbornly independent to ask for car-based favours or coordinate what I need to do with what other people need to do in the same place.

And while I’m managing these things? In between I need to interrupt myself – and this is mid-task, as I’m much better at starting than I am at finishing even the simplest of things – to write. I don’t write enough. I need to write more. I need to spend the inevitable idle time, the gaps in what I should be doing, on something more productive and creative than taking naps that leave me with a hangover, or obsessively playing an addictive game app on my phone (especially since I can post here on my phone, so there’s no excuse of being away from my computer or even too lazy to go to my computer).

I should seek to fill these breaks with even healthier habits, like exercise, but I assure you writing burns more calories than watching television, playing a game, or doing nothing at all. Much of our basic caloric intake goes towards brain activity, and I intend on sticking to this workout. Writing is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle, even if one doesn’t self-publish. It’s the reason why English or other language arts is a mandatory class up until graduating high school, and even in some universities.

Keep at it. Keep in shape.


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