News Ticker of My Opinions


Instead of going into depth with rants that do no good to the world anyway, I’m going to bring up a few points on different subjects and then get back to studying (by which I mean, the euphemism for panicking).

  • A Vancouver teenager who made an anti-bullying video a couple of months ago has killed herself. Clearly the bullying didn’t stop, meaning not enough was done to attempt to stop it, and she wasn’t given the proper care and attention for the emotional suffering she was clearly going through. Much like how Kony 2012 hasn’t done the least do fix destructive rebel militant movements in Africa, showing internet support for anti-bullying messages doesn’t help the individuals suffering. Mental health resources need to be adequate and accessible for victims of bullying and bullies themselves who exhibit their behaviour for reasons that need to be addressed.
  • Ontario is the first province in Canada to allow transgendered people to change the sex on their birth certificate without going through genital reconstruction surgery. Such surgery is invasive, and has varying levels of effectiveness or practicality depending on the need and the method. Gender can be changed on other ID such as a passport or driver’s license without peeking under the skirt, so to speak, but most forms of ID require a birth certificate to support the identity of the applicant. A note from a psychiatrist or a physician is now the only requirement in Ontario for the birth certificate to change, and I hope the rest of Canada follows suit. Transgendered people are treated as second-class citizens in spite of protection under human rights, and that treatment is most blatant when services are being provided with conflicting information and perceptions of gender, including when producing official documentation of identity.
  • Since I’m writing an exam tomorrow, past conditioning is kicking in and I feel like all I need to do after writing it is play computer games and sleep in; however, I have been putting off so much “life shit” that I can’t foresee even indulging on weekends in this university-years behaviour until 2013. This “life shit” also costs a lot. Hopefully it will distract me from the tension awaiting results from this career-changing exam.

Thanks for listening and have a great…what time is it now…WEEKEND! (That’s an inside joke; none of you will get it.)


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