Action-Packed Act III


The best way to handle change is to handle a WHOLE BUNCH OF CHANGE at once.

Perhaps that’s not the best advice to give to somebody else. And perhaps it’s not the best piece of wisdom for me to keep on my mind when somebody else is asking for advice. But it seems to be working for me. My skin has been thickened with having to go through times of uncertainty. I’m waiting another 6-8 weeks to see if the past three years of my life have meant anything. I’m now catching up on several weeks of put-off tasks that are apparently part of being an adult. The chaotic stress of close family moving is empathetically contagious and, speaking of, one of those moves involves selling my childhood home.

I’ve managed to accidentally volunteer myself for something without any idea of how much work it will entail in the future, and I’ve opened myself up to pass on potentially derailing advice through “wisdom” that worked for me but probably won’t work for others. Sudden changes in extended family circumstances add more dinner table conversations (provided certain people aren’t at the dinner table), the stability of my sanity is only kept in place because I don’t subscribe to cable anymore, and in less than a week I have an appointment to take a rash change that in my usual state of mind would punch in the eye my willingness to participate in this world.

Most of this has been going on for a while. And yet two weeks ago my doctor happened to take my blood pressure, and it was “normal” rather than the “high-normal” my genetics and lifelong weight “problem” put it at by default. I’m not losing sleep, I don’t panic at the point of required initiative, and — AND — I’m doodling more. Doodling is something I used to only be able to do when I was life-threateningly bored.

All in all, I’m pretty happy that the world as I’ve known it for 25 years won’t exist in 2013.


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