Simple Diamonds in the Complex Rough



Yesterday I got to see the first heap of packed boxes that make the reality of the farewell to my childhood more real. Stacked 3/4 to the ceiling, they took up a spot previously home to a recliner, which had to be moved to the pathway into the open-concept dining room. We were having a family dinner with more seats than chairs, so I volunteered (also known as “made the brilliant suggestion”) to sit in the recliner at the dinner table as we ate Chinese food and cake. And, of course, drank beer as you can see in the photo.

It was the best idea of the day, and I tend to have a lot of good ideas on a lot of days. It only works when everybody else is properly seated, though. Most things work best when I’m the exception to the boring old rule.

It certainly helps distract from the sight of looming chaos of fitting heaps of mismatching “keepsakes” into a new and very different home. If they can’t fit the recliners into the new living room design maybe they’ll put one at the table, a throne reserved for me.


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