Ironic Sardonic


I take things too personally, things that are such a far shot from having something to do with me. If something goes wrong with something around me, or people are annoyingly critical of a broad concept under which I’m vaguely classified, I get defensive. I take it personally.

Needless to say, it’s not healthy for me to feel guilt and vulnerability with the comedy of errors in building a new football stadium at the south end of town. When people complain about Calgary’s cost of downtown parking I get riled up and want to go on a tirade in favour of the urban and/or car-free lifestyle. I feel like flipping people off when my national stereotype is quaintly pointed out as polite – when, in day to day living – I am polite and unnecessarily apologetic on things for which I have no fault.

The let-it-be mindset is something to strive for, and I wish I could not take things upon my shoulders in the first place so I wouldn’t need to brush them off. And since I put an effort to do that, to live and not get pissed off, it sure…pisses me off when people bash that as being weak and void of responsibility. Fuck you.


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