Forgotten Thoughts Revisited


From a notebook of mine, written several months ago:

Societies with relative affluence but great disparities in wealth, where consumer debt keeps the rich richer and the poor poorer, yet healthy and obese respectively, divide the seven deadly sins in a particular way.

The gluttony and sloth of the lower classes feed the greed of the wealthy –through mindless consumption and complacency in outsourced production for cheap labour. They are willing to be poor or turn a blind eye to the economic injustice, if they can still consume something irrespective of its quality, and they would prefer not to change things as that would ask of their effort.

Those of the wealthy class who want to maintain their fortunes from greed, but wish to not work as per sloth, use pride –celebrities, reality stars, and heirs to fortunes made generations ago who make further millions by pimping their own names. They do this to milk profits from the lust and envy of the masses. Rather than do something with what they have, the masses instead choose to pry into the lives of those whom they are not.

So we are left with wrath. Wrath goes both ways. The media personalities who make their living off of viewership who tune in to get “informed” on political happenings (i.e. have their prejudices reaffirmed) get and keep viewers by making them angry at everyone else. The media personality acts outraged and uses communication tactics to rile up irrational anger in the viewers, who then irrationally sympathize with who is already angry. Media businesses like this make fortunes off high retention of viewers. Viewers are too angry to understand what really keeps them down, and what will improve the world.

This is why people should still keep notebooks on hand.


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