Democracy for 300 Million, Future for 7 Billion



You’re the butt of so many international jokes, but it’s because you’re so important internationally. This is moreso for Canada than any other nation, reasons obvious. Your elections, then, are fundamental influences on the direction of the world.

Whom you vote for is important, even though the range of your two-party system is so narrow compared to elsewhere in the world. But it is the function of your democracy that needs to maintain an international example. As flawed as your electoral system is, and as ridiculously ignorant as many of your voters are, the very act of voting is crucial for all citizens to perform.

I have many dear friends living in the United States, whom I care for tremendously. I want their freedoms protected without excuses for “security”. I want their healthcare to be accessible with little financial worry. I want their friends and family safe at home and not needlessly in danger overseas. I want them to be respected for who they are in their hearts, minds, souls, and bodies. I want them to have opportunity, to have choice, and to have confidence.

I want everyone in the world to have those things. I want everyone in the world to have their societies ruled by democratic, rational-legal authority as Max Weber called it. All of these things start at individuals going to the polls.

Whether your preferred candidate will inevitably win in your state, or the other mainstream candidate will, or your third-party candidate of choice has no chance – in all cases, go out and vote. With that attitude, that sense of civic obligation gone, the future will be used and abused by people other than you, and that is the future of worldwide civilizations. As I wrote earlier, I’m geographically removed from all sorts of places at risk of damaging change, but I still care on a fundamental level of humanity, and we all should. The very act of voting, no matter whom for, is expressing that care.

So please, if you haven’t in advance, vote tomorrow. Just vote.


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