It’s already the end of November! That means so many things.

First, it means I get paid, but that happens twice every month. It’s hardly remarkable, then, and especially since so much of it is being withdrawn for my rent.

Second, it means as of tomorrow Christmas things are allowed, under my father’s house rules. But, second-dot-one, it means as of tomorrow my parents acquire a new house, so they probably have higher priorities than Christmas lights, baking, and decorations.

Third, it means my brother is shaving tomorrow. I bet his girlfriend is enthused.

Fourth, it means what was already a consumer-heavy November is going to grow into a holiday shopping frenzy. I’m not braving the malls if I don’t have to, but there are ceaseless reminders in the form of advertisements that not only ’tis the season, but that it’s a MUCH BIGGER holiday shopping season than ever. It’s no coincidence that our city saw hyped-up grand openings of Victoria’s Secret and Ikea in this past month. People were camping out overnight to shop for Scandanavian companions to their Allen keys, and it may continue to take that dedication and persistence to shop there at any point in the next month if you hope to get in and out of the store within shopping hours.

I was originally going to write of this in a post about the overexcited feeling of validation these stores seem to bring upon people, that it’s only now they’re here we live in a real city. But no, that’s not the source of this annoying disgrace. It’s just this time of year.


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