Gun Culture


It’s not guns that kill people – it’s people who shoot guns that kill people.

And what gets people shooting guns? The accessibility of them, in part. Mental illness, in part. And the connection between the two: the perverse fixation cultures have on guns.

I speak of American culture almost exclusively. That’s where something utterly terrible happened today. That’s where most similar things happen. That’s where inspiration for similar things in other parts of the world come from. “The Second Amendment” is a globally understood term because we hear so much about it on account of hearing so much about gun violence in the United States on account of there being so much gun violence in the United States. I don’t think anybody would care about the number of guns in the US if they weren’t used so often.

Tax purchases related to firearms, and use that revenue to offer mental health services universally. That is a totally un-American idea, I know, but it sure beats the very American idea of going on a shooting spree.


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