Instagreat, Just Great


I guess I was never hugely into Instagram. I started using it when I got a smart phone with a data plan. I’ve posted a few things on there because I wanted to fiddle with it, maybe thinking the filters would be fun or that my rectangular photo should become a square, and maybe it should have a tilt-shift or a border. My number of photos uploaded in over six months is in the 20s. And they’re mostly useless, even to me.

I never used Instagram for its social media purposes on its own. I used it to post to Twitter. That’s it. Since several days ago they’ve severed the embedding ties and now I find it useless. Then Instagram, briefly at least, changed its terms of service to include that they can use ANY user’s photo posted through the app for ANY marketing purpose they want. And the person who took the photo won’t get credit at all.

Clearly, with my intellectual property opinions the way they are, I object to that. While Instagram has to make its mommy money somehow, using what somebody else made for whatever purposes they want just isn’t acceptable. Instagram owns the program that does the manipulation; it doesn’t own the photos created through it.

Many people were quick to backlash, removing all of their photos and deactivating their accounts. I didn’t rush to this because I’ve uploaded so few photos and I found out at work where I had higher priorities. But the backlash was clear to Instagram, and as of typing this they will “have more to share very soon” in regards to this change.

There are many things Instagram is mocked for. Its effects are cheesy, and take away the skill and thrill of the film photography they’re based on. Its social media function puts too many pictures of food on the internet. It is what it is, and you can take it or leave it – but it’s an app, and not the photos taken through it, so prioritize your criticisms and tell Mama Facebook to leave your images alone.


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