For the Liver and the Mind


After the holidays I’ve sworn off drinking until my 30s. I won’t tell you exactly how long a wait that is,  but I’m determined to meet that goal no matter how reasonable-for-most-people it is!

This is not because of hangovers, as despite the gallons (literally, gallons) of beer and other alcohol I had over the holidays I didn’t throw up and my headaches were no worse or frequent than normal. This is just because of the sheer shock that I drank as much as I did…and said as much as I did as well. Everybody could always improve what and how much they say, to whom, where, and when. There are many mood-altering substances that affect our talking habits in different ways. I’m somewhat limited and naive in my experience with mood-altering substances, but based on what I know this is what I would suggest:

  • If you want to stop talking too much about deep, dark inner truths, cut out alcohol.
  • If you want to stop talking too much about light and fluffy things and how everything in life is fucking amazing, cut out coffee.
  • If you want to stop talking nonsense that you can’t even turn into coherent words because your speech is slurred and you’re giggling too much, cut out marijuana.

That is why, after Christmas with the family, so many of swear off alcohol – for the new year, and a new start to repress our deep, dark inner truths.


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