To Nothing New About a New Year


If years were determined by how we start them off, we’d all get a lot more sleep.

And we wouldn’t work. January 1st is probably the second least worked day of the year. On some other holidays businesses take the route of remaining open and paying their employees substantially more, as is required. But on Christmas, only the absolute necessities or emergency and protective services are on duty as well as perhaps small businesses owned and operated by non-Christian families. On New Year’s Day the above remain open, and some stores or restaurants may opt to take advantage of everyone else not being occupied during business hours.

But I would rather work. Taking day off usually means having two days of work to follow, and it’s a tease of free time I have to give up the following day. Having January 1st fall on a Tuesday is perhaps the worst – one day as normal, then another day sleeping in, followed by more than half a week’s days of work. This being exactly after a work week with a two-day interruption in the middle is disorienting, and the alcoholic nature of this time of year adds flame to the fire of resenting the industrial capitalist institution of “work”.

I slept in out of nothing to wake up for, and I napped in the middle of the afternoon. Tomorrow I need to get up hours earlier, and work through a full day without the opportunity to drift into sleep comfortably on my couch. (Then again, at this time tomorrow I won’t have the nap-hangover I woke up with just now.)

I don’t miss being at work and doing the work I do. I wish I didn’t have a routine to follow to get myself through a full work week. But having to go back to all of this after a concentrated number of days off is a cruel tease, as is starting a new year on an abnormal day. My first impression of 2013 is misleading. The year should start on January 2.


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