I’ll Evolve Your Language!


I’m reading through a quick fun book, The English is Coming! by Leslie Dunton-Downer, published in 2010. It is a brief look at the history and future of the English languages through various influences, with certain words examined in more detail of their origins.

One of those words is “blog”, which I find annoying despite currently writing in one. But what made me pause reading to bang my head repeatedly on my desk (and I’m not going to shorten that to *headdesk*, you fuckers) is a brief list of words she gave that elaborate on “blog”: “blogosphere, blogalicious, schlog, blogwash, blogaholic, blogarrhea, the blogeoisie (as in the bourgeoisie), the Bloggerazzi, to blogify, and, last but not without reason, blogging a dead horse.” (Emphasis in the original.)

CAN WE STOP THIS MADNESS?!?! The whole point of this book is that languages are destined to change over time whether we like it or not. I accept that. I accept that the speed at which English is changing is accelerated in parallel with communication technology and the imperial history making it the lingua franca of the modern world. But please, I ask you, please do not use the term “the blogeoisie”. It’s a buzzword that degrades both the person who uses it and those to whom it refers. It’s offensive. It’s classist. We prefer the term “privileged assholes with computers and time on their hands”.


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