Politics, as Usual


I don’t use Facebook to impose my opinions on the world. I hardly use Facebook at all – and I certainly don’t share photos from pages I’ve liked (because I’ve liked very few pages, either out of pressure for supporting a friend’s business or because I’m moderating the page itself). I’ve written about the bigoted propaganda and regurgitated xenophobic garbage of people I never liked and will likely never see again. It’s entertaining at best. At worst, it tempts me to use Facebook to impose my opinions on the world.

Some people put certain principles at the heart of their identity, and use Facebook to share that. I will admit that I let it slide by when I agree with the opinion but think it tactless and unproductive when I don’t. I roll my eyes at people sharing images from pages like someecards even if the message is right – they’re not very funny or smart most of the time and I wouldn’t want to promote their brand in sharing them when they are. Even the things I see shared from the “I fucking love science” page is oversimplified and not as genius as the science it’s trying to promote.

Extended rants of angry opinions are just terrible. Sharing things from brand pages on Facebook is preachier and more imposing than saying simple one-sentence things. Arguments arising from those simple one-sentence things are at least easier to ignore than extended rants (although everything on Facebook can be easily ignored by not checking it, I know). But the worst is when the hatred and angry dialogue leak past the internet and people start to gossip or talk shit about somebody who posted something a) relatively benign, and b) right. Of course, as hypocritical as I am, I probably wouldn’t step in and halt a live conversation bashing somebody’s Facebook status if it were an opinion I disagree with. I’m a hypocrite, but at least I’m not an active hypocrite on Facebook.

(Side note: part of the inspiration for this post was the same person from the RACEbook post sharing a photo from a brand page “i love australia and if you don’t get the F#*@ OUT”. “I” and “Australia” aren’t important enough to be capitalized in the pages name, but a pussy version of “FUCK OUT” is.)


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