Knots in the String

Twitter is an interesting social medium. It’s ripe for political dialogue, even if you’re not directing the message at anyone in particular, or at someone you don’t know who may not even read your response.

Then there are conversations with the people who you do know, about things you probably already knew they thought, but as it’s not a private conversation like by IM, text, phone, or in-person, it becomes a public display of dialogue. The other day my friend Ben and I did just that. (Edited for style, and all but the first is a response to the previous.)

@ben_chaotica: I support a woman’s right to choose to have a safe, legal (preferably early) abortion. I also support public subsidies for contraceptives.

@khrismonegenege: And you also support a woman’s right not to have sex. All very important steps in human welfare.

@ben_chaotica: Absolutely I do. The right (for men and women) to chose not to have sex is fundamental to the sovereignty of one’s body.

@khrismonegenege: Some don’t quite understand that…or think the right to one’s body is surrendered when practised (e.g. choice in clothes).

@ben_chaotica: Not even getting married, or getting comatose-drunk and naked in public, surrenders the right to not to have sex.

@khrismonegenege: Not even starting sex revokes the right to stop at any point.

@ben_chaotica: Agree. Although it is better for all parties if party intending to exercise that right does so as early as possible.

@khrismonegenege: Yes, because we should all have the self-respect to be decisive and not give into pressure.

@ben_chaotica: The right not to have sex comes with the responsibility to exercise it honestly and healthily (i.e. not for power games)

@khrismonegenege: Yup, with clear motives and mutual understanding, respecting personal limits.

@ben_chaotica: It is my fond wish that ALL interpersonal relations be conducted with clear motives, mutual understanding and self-respect.

@khrismonegenege: No kidding! It’s something I try to do, and hope it’s paid forward. I’m impressed with guys who are clear and ask for clarity.

Even though this conversation was just between the two of us, it’s visible out there if anyone happens to stumble upon it. It’s unlikely many people will, but there are other conversations like this on Twitter that get wider readership. It’s a form of democratic dialogue as much as a social medium. I socialize with Ben separately…and it’s on topics of less substance, like how similar he is to Data from ST:TNG. (You can’t really tell from this discussion, but in due time…)


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