It’s Hourly Comic Day!


It’s Hourly Comic Day! I don’t make enough comics anymore. I’m being nagged at for not putting my creative skills to use, so I decided to celebrate this holiday the way I used to make comics in general – doodling at work and copying/pasting cheap pixilated icons into frames using Microsoft Paint at home.

hourlycomic 7 to 10

hourlycomic 11 to 2

hourlycomic 3 to 5

2013 hourly comic 6pm 2013 hourly comic 7pm 2013 hourly comic 8pm 2013 hourly comic 9pm

That is my day. Some of it is exaggerated or satirical, but I really do roll myself out of bed with my legs in the air, sit like a monkey on my desk chair, say stupid things in meetings, strut crossing a terrible street when cars think their turning lane is more important, have a skull & crossbones Snuggie, and dance in my upper-underwear. 15 hours, 15 comics. Honestly, not much later than 10 tonight I’ll probably be in bed. But not in the, you know, fun way.


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