Donating Garbage for a Good Cause


People take too many useless, terrible photos with their phones and digital cameras in this era of consumer technology. Ahead of the curve, as always, I was doing that years ago with film –useless, boring, terrible photos (but very few of food).

I’m taking this move-everything-two-feet-away-from-the-wall inconvenience and using it as an opportunity to purge. Some of the things I had to move out of a corner were boxes of photos, mostly duplicates I got when “doubles” on a whole roll was a thing. I came up with a creative approach to get some of these guiltlessly out of my hands – let someone up come up with a creative approach.

Going through them, I took out ones that weren’t of specific events or people – those that you could see generically featured somewhere as scenery or whatnot. I called a local non-profit art studio mostly for kids and asked if they would take some of them for collages. Boom. There you go. An entire box, with a new purpose and destination in the non-life of still, and inanimate, photographs.

It’s odd to think of my extra sets of photos as something to be donated, especially useless ones of no historic value, and to a place that doesn’t have “foundation” added onto the name of some rich white guy or a widow thereof. But anything else I can’t make my own art with I’ll probably throw out. It seems wasteful, but the real waste was getting doubles to begin with… and the waste of film itself, on such shitty pictures of nothing important because I was bored and got a 50% discount on photofinishing.

So if you go to a children’s afterschool workshop art exhibit and see a photo coloured over and glued amidst other things, think of me. If you happen to see your face in one of those photos…well, that must’ve gotten in there by accident. And I promise, the really bad ones I’m setting aside to burn.


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