Under Cover Stakeout Going into Overtime


The other night I had a terrible sleep. Something’s wonky with the heat in my 80 year old building, so it was incredibly cold and I couldn’t fall asleep properly. Even though it was a Friday, last night I crawled under the covers at about 10:30, in snuggly warm footie pajamas, to curl up with a book for about half an hour. Then, like on a normal weekday, I turned the lights off at 11.

Like a normal weekday I woke up a few times throughout the night just to see where the temporal dimension was at. When it was just after 6, like a normal weekday, I was more or less awake but stayed lying in bed cozy and half-dozing off before the 7:00 alarm buzzed.

Yes, I leave my alarm on for the weekend. Here’s why: I get my best rest in lighter stages of sleep after first waking up. This is why I will sleep in every weekend, no matter when I went to bed the night before. Each Saturday I wake up again after turning off the alarm at about 8:15, and then at 9:10 when I usually get out of bed for breakfast. Then I take my breakfast to my bed and check things on the internet from my phone.

People who…believe, or buy into the “anti-establishment” position that working for an employer is giving up your soul to a miserable existence use as one reason that at a job with a set starting time you have to force yourself out of bed without actually being rested or actually feeling awake. Well stick your nose up and brand me a mindless peon, because that’s what I do during the week. Clearly this repeating pattern when I don’t have to get up at a particular time shows my mind’s internal schedule. But even those not bound by the chains of a day job have to get up and do some work eventually if they don’t want to be a meaningless vacuum of public participation (that’s right, them’s waging a war of words) and any time they spend sleeping in past 9:10 is costing them money. Eating breakfast in bed lowers their productivity. Even if I only get to do so on the weekends, at least for me it will always be a treat.


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