So Much in So Much of So Little


If Diogenes-level cynics (well, not the public masturbation part) say that text messaging is ruining the skills of spelling, grammar, wit, and conversation in young people, they need to read my texts. Brilliant. I carry on quite the conversations through texts, and even Twitter, and the challenge of keeping them short, or keeping a train of thought through serials one by one. Instead of counting up to the assigned minimum as on university papers (extending sentences as far a length as possible, with unnecessary fluff, jams of redundant adjectives, and jargon galore) I count down to the number of characters left. It’s a good challenge.

This is my 200th blog post here on khristopia. (YAAAAY!) Blogs can be as short or as long as the writer prefers, but the emphasis of the media is to make it as easy to read through as it is to get to. Over a 10 or 11 year span, my old LiveJournal reached thousands of posts/hundreds of pages of things of varying length. The very long were ramblings that one might write in a paper journal when emotions won’t stop flowing out. The very short were vague and guarded comments that one might say to somebody who asks how they’re doing. Blogs still have flexibility in space, but since I’ve become accustomed to writing more in less – that is, I use text messages to communicate and Twitter to shout out to the world more than other methods – I’ve tried to be more conscious of the relationship between length and content in what I publish.

There never is a simple, short way to post the full extent of one’s thoughts…unless you’re stupid. No matter how much you can convince other people to read, they will not come close to understanding you until you stop. They will think, they will respond, you will think, you will respond, and everybody will learn more, bit by bit.

The time and place for a never-ending stream of consciousness is by yourself, somewhere private. Remind me of that if I drag on too long here, where they don’t put a limit on characters.


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