LOL @ Depression!


Man, this sequester thing is really getting to me. Oh, wait, I’m not American.

Maybe it’s selecting a new pope that’s stressing me out. Nope, can’t be; I’m most certainly not a Catholic.

Certainly world stock markets breaking records isn’t working, because I’m feeling down while they’re going up. Also, stock markets are largely an imaginary excuse for the rich to get richer.

Recent deaths of people I know aren’t close enough to normally bring me down, and quite honestly as tragic as they are they’re not on my mind. Work is just work, and I know what it is and that it goes this way. It’s not the out-of-the-ordinary kind of stressful type of work. The drain of energy and sinking of spirits comes before I arrive at work, first thing in the morning.

Those who say that depression inspires art and creativity aren’t aware that I’ve barely written in a week, and that I spent my first three hours upon arriving home last night lying in bed crying with the lights off. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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