Habit Poop


It turns out that when I post things, people are more likely to visit my blog. In other words, you are far more likely to read me when I write. See?! I knew there was a purpose to language!

I’ve fallen out of sorts with writing, lately, and there are a few explanations I can think of that may be behind this sudden stall in the will to post things.

1.       Watching – half-watching, at least – Deep Space Nine is WAY more important than applying my brain’s creative capabilities to something.

2.       It’s only fair that if I avoid all of these other voluntary commitments I’ve gotten myself into that I avoid writing as well.

3.       I’ve already written literally all of my opinions and I’m completely out of useful things to say.

4.       There’s just no point. The system is broken. It will be written in the Constitution of the World that life begins at your great-grandmother’s conception, and that moment will be renamed to “The Harper Your Great-Grandmother’s Conception”. (Okay, that double political joke didn’t come out so smoothly.)

In all of these I still take the blame, the responsibility for my own writing. That last one, if nurtured enough, might grow into a beautiful plea of insanity but I’d be committed to some institution nonetheless if not-writing were a crime. (Is it a crime? I wouldn’t be surprised if citizens could get in trouble for not distracting themselves with useless whining, giving them more time for actions of substance towards change and improvement.)

This could be seen as a vague kind of apology, but none of you has brought this up with me so either you don’t care, or you don’t care to express that you care! That should be a crime. So really it’s YOUR fault that I haven’t been writing. For shame. You should know better.


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