Creative Commitments


I’ve been drawing more lately, just for the sake of drawing, and I’d like to be writing more too. I’ve fallen out of habit, as I – and, I imagine, many hobby writers – do. With all that’s coming up in other commitments (mainly to “life”) I know I’ll have lapses in any vow I make in writing goals from now to the end of May.

So here it goes: what’s set first in goals (okay, second – but that’s not in conflict) and priorities for the month of June is writing every day. I’m sorry if that inflicts pain, but the apologies are strictly based on growing up in Canada where we’re sorry for everything. Beyond that, screw you, you CHOOSE to read my brilliance and it’s up to you to know your limits on overstimulation and make responsible decisions accordingly.

I’ll stock up on good, non-timely things before then by actually writing them – in advance. Some of you will say that’s breaking the rules but a) this is not NaNoWriMo; b) even NaNoWriMo only has rules for the sake of personal challenge and reward; and c) studies show will power exercised in one decision weakens will power in decisions shortly thereafter, and when I succesfully make it from Christmas to my birthday without alcohol I will go by my own damn whims for a while.

Anyway, while I have much to look forward to (the bottoms of many bottles and glasses among it all) before June, I won’t stop there. I’m going to regain functional cognition and write like a highly literate banshee. You heard me. A highly literate motherfucking banshee.


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