First World Problems


People incessantly talk about the weather. It’s painfully banal and I easily get sick of such conversation. So when a coworker a moment ago sighed and said “It’s still snowing” (and yes, this is unusual weather delaying the short “spring” we get here) I was tempted to respond with something along the lines of:

“And there is still poverty and suffering across the continent of Africa as a consequence of imperialism, imposing puppet “democracy” not brought on from the grass roots of the people themselves, religion condemning practices that empower women and reduce the spread of HIV, and the idea that we have to take care of the unfortunate victims rather than approach them as equals in trading and commerce.”

But she wouldn’t get the point. Weather “happens” everywhere of some kind or another and it’s not a “first world problem” like other entitled whining. But it’s boring. You’re all boring.


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