The Right to a Good Life


Public personalities and government bodies are paying tribute to the recently passed doctor and pro-choice activist Henry Morgentaler. He was a Holocaust survivor who came to Canada and spent his career putting himself in danger by being a public face in fighting for women’s rights to a) choose their own paths of life, and b) do so as safely as possible. That his death is receiving attention as the loss of a hero refreshes my gratitude for being born on this side of the 49 th parallel. There are far fewer, and much quieter, people in this country who need to get their heads out of their own asses and their politics out of other people’s vaginas…although there are still some, and they’re elected into public office. The debate will go on long past Dr Morgentaler’s death, but I hope the commemorating of his life’s work makes more people openly compassionate to the people who need a second chance at a better future.

Safe access to abortions is a key to the advancement of civilization, with more women reaching their potential, a higher proportion of children being born into well fostering circumstances, and no longer the desperate infanticide that’s been happening throughout human history.


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