Squeezing the Ink Out


I can’t tell if I feel more creative – or rather, write better – with a keyboard or a pen. If I’m writing to share, writing for here, starting with the latter clearly has to end with the former, and transcribing has a meditative zen to it. That’s probably the best way to go. To hell with killing trees.

In university, back when I found both the time and content to write three Live Journal posts a day (the quality of the content reflects the general quality of Live Journal overall), first on paper as I waited in the campus halls for class to start and then typed up either at home or the university computer lab. Technology and its culture have changed a lot since the early aughts and I don’t have the idle time from being hyper-punctual and having to wait for classes. (I’m still early at work every day but my attitude is more along the lines of “Fuck it, let’s get this work done.”)

Writing by hand and then having to physically write it over again is also good for the editing process – even typing something up on a computer away from my main one and sending it via cloud or email is a lazy copy and paste. Typing it straight into WordPress requires thought be put into the content, but honestly the physical setup of that particular computer is not conducive to typing. Poor posture. No flexibility in the distance between keyboard and screen. Couch not very encouraging to working.

Call me old fashioned. Give me puzzled looks for even considering pen and paper anymore. I’m not at the hipster level of dressing like an old fashioned professor and using only Moleskine notebooks with a fountain pen. I’m just my peculiar limbo self – in a void between old school and new generation. I like to have it all. I like to have none. I’m fond of things. I don’t commit.

Those characteristics apply to so many levels of self.


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